About Us

Planning tranquil wellness yoga retreats on a tropical Caribbean island.

Learn how to truly unite the body, mind and spirit on a tiny paradise beach.

The islands are peaceful with untouched pristine white sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes.

Hammock Relaxing

Retreats Planning

Relax!! We plan retreats

Incredible & life changing

Secluded paradise island that is sure to calm your mind and help you host inspiring retreats.

Explore 2 Caribbean islands.

​Practice yoga on white sand beaches.

Best location to reconnect, rejuvenate and reset.

Beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Poolside Hotel

Caribbean Property Management

Professional Services

We will look after your property the way YOU want it to be looked after!

Manage all rental inquiries.

Weekly property inspections with recommendations for improvements.

Creating new opportunities for growth.

Our hands-on approach allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the minds of our clients, which enables us to see through the eyes of ownership.

Yoga on Deck

Caribbean island vacations


Bath in the Caribbean sun

Experience pure bliss and tranquility 

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Outstanding snorkeling & diving.

Unforgettable beach experience.

Explore secluded white sandy beaches.

 Enjoy Authentic local fresh seafood.


Little tourism &  no wild parties.

Lush with exotic veggies and fruits.

Year-round peace and tranquility.

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