About Us

Customizing and planning serene and tranquil wellness yoga retreats on a remote tropical Caribbean island.

Learn how to truly unite body, mind and spirit on a tiny paradise island known as Little Corn island in Nicaragua.


The island is peaceful with untouched pristine beach and cool ocean breezes to compliment the ever-lasting sunshine.


Health and wellness are top of mind in everything we offer.

Hammock Relaxing

Retreats Planning

Relax!! We plan retreats

Incredible & life changing

Secluded paradise island that is sure to calm your mind and help you host inspiring retreats.

Explore 2 Caribbean islands.

​Practice yoga on white sand beaches.

Best location to reconnect, rejuvenate and reset.

Beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Poolside Hotel

Hotel Consulting

Improve your brand and revenue

Professional Services

Brand development strategy, design, implement, web design, social media sweep.

Creating new opportunities for growth.

Our hands-on approach allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the minds of our clients;

which enables us to see the business through the eyes of ownership.

Yoga on Deck

Book a Retreat

Explore Corn Islands

Pure bliss and tranquility 

Outstanding snorkeling & diving.

Affordable Caribbean island vacation.

Unforgettable beach experience.

Secluded white sandy beaches.

 Authentic local fresh seafood.

Untouched by tourism & wild parties.

Lush with exotic plants and fruits.

Year-round peace and tranquility.

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