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Little Corn Island, a hidden Caribbean nirvana in Nicaragua

Little Corn is about 70 km east off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Truly like no other place on earth. It is a tiny drop of paradise where dreams or fantasies are confused with reality.

The island was a British colony and is an English speaking Caribbean island. Most islanders speak Creole/English and Spanish and some who speak Miskito.

Little Corn offers a satisfying jungle & beach vacation; just imagine tranquil white sandy beaches, warm turquoise Caribbean Sea with lots of secluded beaches.

This little island is blessed with many tropical plants all year round; miles of Coconuts trails through the tropical jungle; Mangoes, Sour Sap, Bananas, Plantains and Pina cover the grounds of the island.

You will also find an abundance of Noni trees; this tropical super fruit is the mother of super foods; rich in antioxidant, immune-boosting, and tumor-fighting properties.

If you are looking for an incredible off the grid island experience, then you would love Little Corn. Water and electricity are limited on this little island. The island does not have electricity from 6am to 1pm daily. Some places rely on solar and wind power for electricity and have their own wells to draw water from.

How to get to Little Corn?

There are other ways to get to the island from the mainland but this is the easiest and fastest way.

  1. Fly to Managua’s International Airport (MGA).

  2. Take a short La Costena flight to Corn island (Big Corn).

  3. Catch a taxi from the airport to the wharf and buy your ticket for the panga (an uncovered speed boat) to Little Corn.

The boat ride can be a little bumpy and wet and sometimes it rains, all depending on the season; be ready to get wet, protect your bags and electronics and pack a rain jacket. This is an example of the panga ride on a very calm day.

The boat schedule from Big corn to Little Corn is 10am and 4:30pm.

From Little Corn to Big Corn at 6:30am and 1:30pm.

It is subject to change at any time and you may experience delays or cancellations due to heavy weather conditions so I recommend looking into travel insurance to cover reservation costs, and other travel expenses.

The island attracts nature lovers, yogis, adventure seekers, divers, snorkelers, seafood lovers, healthy eaters, beach bums, and those who are looking to completely disconnect from the “real world”. It is truly a sanctuary for beach and jungle lovers.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation with fancy hotels and big resorts with reliable internet connection, head to somewhere else. If you are looking for an adventure, chilling vibes, yoga and meditation scene, lots of beach time with great snorkeling or scuba diving experience, then you will LOVE Little Corn.

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