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Getting ready to visit Little Corn?

If you come to Little Corn with an open mind and positive attitude, you will leave with an adventure which you will never forget.

Getting off the panga when you arrive to the island is the best feeling you will have especially if you were on a rough boat ride and you got completely soaked.

Once you get to this tiny island, you will forget any place ever existed. You will have the feeling of simplicity and serenity.

Most hotels and hostels will send someone to greet you at the wharf and carry your luggage to the hotel. if you don't have a reservation, walk over to the little shop and ask for recommendations or pick one of the hotels with a sign and see if they have rooms available. It is best to read reviews online to choose the right hotel for your needs. I also recommend making reservations during high season (Dec to May) and during August, since they are the busiest months.

There are no cars and no banks and no daytime power; there is only one sidewalk but miles of trails through the jungle and the beach.

Remember to bring good walking shoes; however, you will quickly feel like walking barefoot everywhere is a great option (which I usually do).

Exploring The Island

10 Things to do on Little Corn

  1. The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, relax, and take it all in.

  2. Walk the entire island to discover secluded beaches. There are so many tiny beaches that are just perfect for chilling, meditating, or snorkeling.

  3. Kayaking and Paddle boarding are great options to go around the island.

  4. Check out the local 'parties'/special events in the village on the south-west end of the island (where the wharf is). Our village is the busiest spot and it is where the action is.

  5. All the restaurants on the main strip, both locals and foreigners, are good to try and have good food selections. The local restaurants offer authentic local options and the curries are very good as they are made with fresh coconut milk and local ingredients.

  6. Walk to the the East side and North side of the island. They offer a tropical seclusion feeling, picturesque, and just tranquil with white sandy beaches and warm turquoise ocean. You will find plenty of coconut trees and a nice breeze to compliment the ever lasting sunshine.

  7. Go snorkeling, diving, take an island tour/sunset cruise, Go fishing, or plan your own private island excursion.

  8. Try Kite Surfing located on the East side on Cocal Beach.

  9. Hike the beautiful medicinal jungle, lush with tropical and exotic fruits.

  10. Chill out in a hammock and realize what life is all about.

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