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50 Shades of Sunset

When the sky, the clouds, and the sun, put on a spectacular show; we need to embrace the moment, take time to slow down just for few minutes, and enjoy a sunset.

5 reasons why you need to watch the sunset.

  1. Embrace the moment to celebrate the end of each day and it is time to wind down.

  2. Feel thankful to exist and witness how the colors and light blend as the sunset starts to build up in intensity for few moments and then fades away.

  3. Sunsets are great moments to connect with nature and tune up your awareness to natural beauty. Beauty enriches your life, making it feel more rewarding.

  4. Use it to meditate for few moments, take slow, deep breaths to relax your body and calm your mind, then intentionally focus on the sunset.

  5. Witness the NOW; Being in the presence of something beautiful will make you feel more connected to yourself and to your heart.

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